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[pg.] 112 Deacound Loung Report from Bro Ellot Harris said that he was improving and yet holdin on to the faith of Jesus Christ on mo by R.H.C. Jr to recieve the report of 21- committe on mo by Bro RHC Jr that the same committe will hand[le] on collecting money for the Schoole House on mo by Deacon Yates that we will take up new buisnss on mo by Bro RHC Jr that we will have a new building ralley on the 4 Sunday in February 1918 on mo by Bro William Dawson that the work done in the Resolution we finial no radfying [ratifying] after wards Rev Yates reported about the mill on mo by Bro RHC Jr that we will a meating of our first-day of [maspation?] for first day of Jan 1918 at Trinity sermon have [illegible] by diffren [ans?] on mo by Bro RHC Jr that the finance [illegible] will [illegible] on that day will be for the public schoole house at Angle Visit after expenses taken out on mo by Deacon RHC to adgern [adjourn] sang hymn 233 Let Every mortal year attend Benediction by the Pastor

[pg.] 113 Jan 4 Saturday 1918

Genral ch meating was call to ord by the Pastor Sang Hymn 493 father I strech my hand to the[e] Red apart of 13 chpt of Paul lettr to Corritian Prayers by Deacon [Loungs?] sang Hymn and will the Judge descend after whitch the Pastor rose & spoke some incurigan [encouraging] remark Reading of the minuts of the last meating on mo by Deacon Jack that will recieve the minutes with correction no correction Rept of standing committee Deacond Yates reported about Deacond Jas Wheeler said that Deacon Wheeler was verry [table?] Deacon Brooks [reported?] rite much sickness in his vicinity on mo by Bro William Dawson that we will recieve the Report of st committe the wer [they were] receivd on mo by Deacon Yates that Deacon Loungs will go and see Miss Nimma Adkins about the case of [morality?] Bro Dawson report about the deed for the land the ch bought the deed was red [read] the on mo by Deacon Loungs that the trustee will have annothe[r] deed [roll?] and sign by Mrs Mary E Muse & husband Voted 12 & carried on mo by Bro WP Dawson that we will take up new