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[pg.] 118 Jan 2 Sunday 1918 [Martin?] [Calther?] 25 [Leams?] [Calther?] 25 [Mssianary?] [Calther?] 70 [Sa?] Johnsen 50 RHC Jr. 25/1917 50 Martha [Mager?] 50 Gorge Young 25 [Harris?] Boller 25 Lucy Brown 100 [Ralley?] [C?] 100 collection for ch ch 737 pd Rev Yates 600 J. Willis 37

will rite Bro Johnson word that if our lumber are not out by the last of March we will like to have that many to come down & saw the lumber on mo by Deacond Segar that the pastor will go & sell Bro [Brosk?] monday morning about cutting the lumber & if he cant cut the lumber he will see Mr Johnson up the county shall be paid on mo by Deacund Jack Holms to adgern sang hylm 463 Blest be the tie that bind Benediction by the pastor

[pg.] 119 March 4 Satuardy 1918 Genral ch meating was call to order by the pastor sang hylm 171 Thare is a name I hope to here [hear] Red apart of the 4 chapters of the book of James Prayer by Deacound RH Cauthorn sang hylm Tis a promas [promise] of God after whitch the pastor rose and anonce that the meating was opnen for buisness reading of the minuts of the last chu meating on mo by Deacond Joe Loung that we wiil recived the minuts with nesseary correction no correction report from Rev Yates about the lumber Brother Backebury will be here in a few days on mo by Deacond RH Caulhorn that we will not perchase any more timber until we use what we have Report of standing committte on mo by Deacond Jack Holms that we will receive the report of standing committee be receivd the wer [they were] receivd committee on case of Miss Limma Adkins Deacond Joe Loung committee on mo by Deacond RHC that will receivd the report of the committee on mo by Deacound Yates that Miss Limma Adkins [be?] excluded from her membership on mo by Deacond RHC that we will take