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500 35 ____ 2500 1500 ______ 17500 ____ 33 143 235 166 243 168 218 204 178 ____ 1609

[pg.] 129 on mo by Deacond [Dee?] Long to take up new buisness on mo by Bro WP Dawson that Bro RCH Jr shall be a dillegate [delegate] on mo by Bro JW Lewise that Bro T Pollard shall be a dillegate to the association with the pastor on mo by Bro Jas that we will pay the dellgat 200 substitute mo by Bro JW Lewise to pay dellegate 300 voted & carried the quistion about annual rally whare we would have it at on mo by Bro JW Lewise that will have our annual rally on the 4 sunday in Agust on mo by Deacond Loungs to adger[n] [adjourn] sang hylm 164 Oh for a thousand tongues to sing my great [redeemer?] peace Benediction Bro Robert Johnson

July 4 Satuarday 1918 A committee meating was call to ordr by the Deacond Board to settle the matter of Sister Fannie Bowles & Sister Emma Bowles [did?] 67 [illegible] hylm My soal [soul] be on thy gard [guard] Pray by Bro F Hill

July 4 Satuarday 1918 Genral ch meating was call to ordr by the pastor sang hylm 335 Let every mortal year attend reading of the minuts of the last ch meating pastor [illegible] that the meating was