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[pg.] 130 on mo by Deacond Jack Holm that we will received the minutes with nessary correction no correction minut recivd & adopted Deacond Holms reported about Bro A Roy asking for a letter of dismission on mo Deacond Loungs that we will give Bro A Roy his letter Deacond Segar rose & ask for his letter to unite with the Good Hope Baptist Ch on mo by Bro JW Lewis that the request of Bro Segar be continued until next 4 Saturday. Deacond R H C rose & stated that he had a letter asking for dismission Sister Annie Rolly on mo by Decound Yats that Sister Rolly request shall be continued until next concil after whitch sister [Clemmine Adkins?] came fourth to unite with the ch she said that the lord had forgiven her & she was going try with the help of the lord let that be the case on mo by Bro L R Johnson that sister [Lemma?] Adkins shall be restored back to her membership again report of standing committee Deacond Yats reports the matter of sister [Fannel?] Bowles & Sister Emma Bowles had been settle on mo by Bro R C H that the report of standing committee be received the wer [they were] received

[pg.] 131 on mo by Bro W P Dawson that we will take up new business in regard of the ch lumber at the depport in [Bathe?] on mo by Bro R H C Jr that we will [pay?] mill work com of [chc & go apart of the freight?] Deacond Holms offerd a suggustion about ellection a Deacound to fill the peace of [vacakeson?] on mo Bro W P Dawson to adgern [adjourn] sang hylm I am not as shame to oan [own] my god Benediction by the Bro L R Johnson

August 4 Saturday 1918 General ch meating was call to order by the pastor Sang 293 Father I stretch my hands to the[e]

red apart of 51 Psalm Prayer by Brother Robert Johnson Sang Hylm [114?] Jesus [say if you go?] after which the pastors rose & stated that the meating opnen for business reading of the minutes on mo by Deacond R H C Jr that the minutes be received which nessary correction the wer [they were] receivd & adopted on mo by Bro W P Dawson that Deacond Seger shall have his letter after setting himself with the clerk on mo by deacound R H C Jr that sister Rolly asking for [crossed out: her letter be continued un]