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[pg.] 158 Saturday Dec 2 1919

Resolution mating [meeting] was call to ord by the Pastor Sang Hymn 490 Red [read] a part of 13 chp of Firs Corinthian Prayer by Brother T Pollard Sang Hylmn near or god to thee After which the Pastor rose and red [read] a part of the ch dissiplen and announce that the meeting was opnen [open] for business Reading of the resolution [sig?] on mo by Deacound Yates that the resolution to red [read] on mo by Deacound Yates that the work done today will [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] stand

Vote 10 on mo by Bro RHC Jr that the resolution [illegible] by [illegible] on mo by RHC that artickle 6 be dropt out

voted 7 [illegible] [illegible] an mo by Deacon Jack Holms that we will pay our Pastor 350 for 1920 [Ridge?] [illegible] [illegible] substitute mo by Bro Dawson 2500 substue by Bro RHC Jr not to rase [raise] it all on mo that [illegible] [illegible]

[pg.] 159 Dc 4 Saturday 1917 a resolution meeting was call to ordr by the Pastor sang Hymn 293 Father I stretch [my hand?] Red a part of the chpt of 6 Paul Letter to galatians Prayer by Deacon R.H. Caut[horn] Sang Hymn Tis a promise of god

after whitch the Pastor rose and made some statements Reading of the minutes on mo by Bro [William?] Dawson that the resolution must be adopt [illegible] on mo by Deacon Jas Wheeler that Rev AG Haynes name be droptet 7 dropt out on mo by Bro T Pollard that Bro Wash Holms shall be the sect for 1918 voted & carried on by William Dawson that we will pay the sect for 1918 20.00 [illegible] 15 be dropt on mo by Deacond RHC that [illegible] 13 be drop Pledge card [illegible] on mo by Bro RHC Jr that the back members shall come up and pay all the[y] can by the fourth Sunday in December and start now for 1920