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[pg.] 170

Dec 2 Saturday 1915

Resolution meating was call to order at 2 oclock by the Pastor sang Hymn 898 father I stretch my hands to the Red apart of the [4?] chpt of the 2 Kings Prayers by Bro H Hill after whihct sang hymn Jesus keep me near thy cross after whilct [which] the Pastor rose & spoke some incarrigin [encouraging] remarks & annonce the meating was open for business on mo by Deacon R.H.C that the Resolution be red on mo by Deacon R.H.C that the resolution be adopted by section on mo by Deacon Jas Wheeler that we will pay the Pastor 2.85. 00 for 1916 subtute [substitute] mo by Bro J. W. Lewis for 30.00 on mo by Bro. JW Lewis that ellectiion [illegible] be [illegible] on mo by Deco RH Cauthron that Bro J.W. Willis shall be clerk for 1916 on mo by Bro T Pollard that we will Pay the clerk 40.00 for 1916 on mo by Decen Jas Wheel the Wash Holms] shall be secty for 1916 on mo by Bro Dacond Wheels that we will pay sect. 40 00 for 1916 on mo by Deacon R.H.C. to adgern [adjourn] Sang Hylmn 170 How sweet the name of Jesus sound Benediction by Bro F Hill

[pg.] 171

Letters red [read] by the Pastor coming from Sears Robuck in regard of the stove the Pastor & others rose & spoke some enncurrigan [encouraging] remarks on mo RHC Jr Johny Bowler, Bro L.R. Johnson shall be the a committee to make all arraigment [arrangements] about putting the covering on Sister Emma Johnson house on mo to adgern [adjourn] sang hylmn 490 Amazing grace Benediction by the Pastor