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[pg.] 172 [amend?] to [illegible] th [can?] that we will pay the rent for 1515 2075 [or?] on mo by Bro JW Lewis that sct 10 be drop on mo by Deacond RHC Sr that we will pay the clerk for 1915 $30.00 subtut by [5?] Bro T Pollard for 40.00 voted & carried 10 agans [against] 5 for 40.00 on mo by Deacond R Hill to reconcidred the 2 11 that we will pay the clerk 40.00 1915 Jas Wheeler that Bro Wash shall be sect for 1915

question was stated by the pastor as to a letter coming from Rev Spergon Johnson asking for his ordanation on mo by RH Cauthorn Jr that ordanation will be on Wednesday in [Christmas?] close by singing hylm 492 Amazing grace Benediction by the pastor

[pg.] 173 Dec 2 Sat 1914 resolution meating was call to ord at 1 oclock by Rev Yeats sang hylm 293 Father I stretch my hand to the[e] red apart of the 13 chpt of Gallation after whitch prayer by Deacond R Hill sang hylm Nearer my god to the[e] after whitch the minuts of resalution was red on mo by Deacond John Sager that the minuts be receved on mo by Dacond Jas Wheeler that the resolution be ad[opt?] on mo by RHC Jr that the services [comm?] half past eleven close at 2 oclock on mo by RHC Jr that pastor ellection shall be yearly evry 2 Sunday in September voted 3 for [yearly?] aganc 10 for indifnet on mo by Bro JW Lewis that pastor that pastor be ellected indefint 12 on mo by Deacond R Hill if such be a [illegible] [factry?] in the ch on regards of pastor shall give him 3 months notice either ch shall notify the pastor sect 6 on mo by Dacond RH Cauthorn be drop sect 8 be on mo by [illegible] RHC be drop