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[pg] 174 A Brooks on Bench on mo by Bro William has that the old ch bus be sold at 50 [ct?] above to the said minutes subtul mo by Deacon R. H. [Cauthon?] that church dale of the Bench be left in hands of [Jeustter?] mo lost on mo by Deac R Hill that the short Bench be sold at 75 & the [carry ons?] 100 on mo by Deacon R Hill to [adgin?] sang hymn 378 oh for a heart to voted 9 - vont 10

Praise my God a heart from sin set free Benediction by Rev Yeats

Dec 2 Satuardy 1913 a Resalution meating was call to order at 1 oclock by Rev Yeats sang Hymn 376 oh could I find from day to day red apart of the 5 chapter of Revalation prayer by Bro a Danridge sang Hymn Jesus keep me near the cross after which the moderator rose & stated that the meating was open for business and mo by Bro R. H. [Cauthon] Jr that the resolution be red on mo by Deacond John [Sugar] that the resalution be dapted by section amendment by Bro William Dawson to sect [q?] that $50 be [caded?] to the Pastors [saly] for 1914 on mo by Bro R. H. Cauthon Jr that the amendment be excepted voted & carried on mo by Deacond John [sugar?] that Rev Jas [Willin] shall be clerk for 1914 on mo by Bro J. W. [Lewis?] that Bro Wash Halmes shall be sent [ton?] for 1914 on mo by Rev A Dandridge that the church will pay section $40 for 1914 voted & carried. on mo by Bro J. W. Lewise that the young peoples meating on the first Sundy & the old folk on third question raise by Bro R. H. Cauthron as to having pastor 4 sundays in a mounth discussed on mo by sister [Fannie] Willis that the question be [table?] [illegible] mo by Bro R. H. Jr that the question be table until next council amendment to constitution church by Deacond Cauthon that pastor election be 4 Sunday in [Agust?]

Sang Hymn 375 oh for a closer walk with God Benediction by Rev Yeats