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[pg] 174 A Brooks on Bench on mo by Bro William has that the old ch bus be sold at 50 ct apiece to the said minutes subtut mo by Deacon R. H. Cauthorn that ch sale of the bench be left in hands of trustees mo lost on mo by Deac R Hill that the short bench be sold at 75 & the [carry ons?] 100 on mo by Deacon R Hill to adgern sang hymn 378 Oh for a heart to voted 9 - vont 10

Praise my God a heart from sin set free Benediction by Rev Yeats

Dec 2 Satuardy 1913 a resalution meating was call to order at 1 oclock by Rev Yeats sang Hymn 376 oh could I find from day to day red apart of the 5 chapter of Revalation prayer by Bro A Danridge sang Hymn Jesus keep me near the cross after which the moderator rose & stated that the meating was open for business and mo by Bro R. H. Cauthorn Jr that the resolution be red on mo by Deacond John Segar that the resalution be dapted by section amendment by Bro William Dawson to sect 9 that $50 be [eaded?] to the Pastors saly [salary] for 1914 on mo by Bro R. H. Cauthon Jr that the amendment be excepted

[pg] 175 voted & carried on mo by Deacond John Segar that Rev Jas Willis shall be clerk for 1914 on mo by Bro J. W. Lewis that Bro Wash Holmes shall be sent [ton?] for 1914 on mo by Rev A Dandridge that the church will pay section $40 for 1914 voted & carried. on mo by Bro J. W. Lewise that the young peoples meating on the first Sundy & the old folk on third question raise by Bro R. H. Cauthorn as to having pastor 4 sundays in a mounth discussed on mo by sister Fannie Willis that the question be table subtitute mo by Bro R. H. Jr that the question be table until next council amendment to constitution church by Deacond Cauthorn that pastor election be 4 Sunday in Agust [August]

Sang Hymn 375 Oh for a closer walk with God Benediction by Rev Yeats