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[pg.] 192 Sect 15 on mo by [crossed out: Bro William Harris] Dacound J as Wheelr that the ch will pay 1800 for the care of the pastor adopted Sect 15 amendment to the Resolution on mo by Bro L.H. Tunstall that this ch door shall be opnen evry first & 3 & 5 Sunday of adgurnment of sabths schoole for pray meating Sect 16 on mo by Dacound M Harris that the salry [salary] be reduce on old Brethren and sisters Sect 17 on mo by Dacound R H Cauthorn that the brethren shall pay 2.00 Sisters 1.00 per year for 1911 So ends the resolution on mo by Dacound George Gersham to adgern sang Hymn 61 That awful day will shurly come Benediction by Bro L.R. Johnson

Amendment to the constitution on mo by Bro A Jones that we will elect pastor evry 4 Sunday in Dec

[pg.] 193 Dec 2 Saturday 1920 Resolution meating was call to ordr by the Pastor sang hymn 167 Come ye that love the Saviors name Red [Ephesians?] 6 chpt - Pray by Brother Phillip Green Sang hymn Jesus keep me near the cross after whitch the Pastor rose and spake some incurrigan [encouraging] remarks and anounce that the meating was opnen for buisness Reading of the minutes on mo by Deacon Yates that the minut stand [prov?] on mo by Deacon Jack Holms that the resolution be red on mo by Deacd Loung that we will take up the resolution [taking?] by section on mo by Bro Phillip Green that the Deacound report be adopted

on mo by Bro Phillip Green that the report coming from Deacound bord [board] be adopted on mo by Bro William Harris that sisters [illegible] [illegible] on mo by Deacound Bayton [illegible] Harris shall be over lookin on mo by Bro Js Willis that sister Lucy French shall be a committee over lookin on mo by sister Bessy Harris that Deacound Loung shall be supt for 1920 sang hylm 344 How happy are every child of grace Benediction by pastor