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[pg.] 194

March 4 Saturday 1919

General Ch meeting was call to ord by the Pastor Sang Hymn I need the [thee] every hour Red apart of galtians chpt - Prayer by Bro Jack Adkins Grath Sang Hymn take the name of Jesus [with?] you after which the Pastor rose and stated that the meeting was opnen for business Reading of the minutes of the last ch meeting on mo by on mo by Deacon RIX [illegible] that the minutes be adopted Report of standing committee Report of standing was [tabled?] only some sickness Deacon Brooks spoke of Brothers Milton Hill be in need of help on mo by Deacound RHC that the report of standing committ be adopted on mo by Deacound Yates that we will take up new buisness on mo by Deacon RHC Sr. that we will adgern [adjourn] Sang Hymn 303 Alas and did my savior bleed Benediction by the Pastor

[Written in bottom-right corner] 1810

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