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92 Sept no 1 20th 1957 our 3rd "[quartly/quarterly?]" meeting was called to order by the moderator prayer Sister Blanche Harris reading and adoption of the minutes of the last meeting. they were read and adopted reports of trustee board in the person of Bro. A.G. Harris. Bro Harris presented a check for $224.87 for "[timber?]" sold "[Bareford?]" "[illegible]" Bro. Robb made his report as to steps for the pool. his expenses 85 for lumber he freely gave, which he freely gave "[illegible]" his "[service?]" a motion Sister Blanche Harris to give him a vote of thanks motion carried the pastor stated that we would turn the trustee board a vote of thanks for their work by common consent this was done. Bro. H.G. Harris motion that Bro Ernest Robb would be our "[supply carpenter?]" for the church motion carried. next we discussed our school house on motion by mrs nettie "[Lompkin?]" that Bro Robbs would make "[our/an?]" "[envestigation/investigation?]" of the school house and report the same to the officers the clerk offered his resignation ad of Dec 31 1957. On motion by mrs Blanche Harris to except the clerks resignation motion carried. after some discussion

93 no 2 mrs "[Blaure/Blanche?]" Harris withdrew her motion also Dea. Lompkin withdrew his second so hence the matter stood on motion by mrs nettie Lompkin that we will except his resignation the vote was 4 and 4 a vote by the pastor to except the clerks resignation the motion was carried which settled the matter. A committee was made on nomination of officers for 1958 as follows