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[pg.] 138 Dunnsville, Va Sept. 1962 The third council meeting of the Angel Visit Baptist Church met on the above named date with the Pastor Rev W. A. Young presiding. The meeting was opened with prayer by Dec. [deacon] L. Moody. Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. Report of Committee

A motion was made by Dec. Long to accept the trustee report. the motion was carried. next appointment of Committee Committe on election of officers Dec. Paul Tompkins Chairman Dec. John H. Carter Mr. Earnest [Rabb?] Committee of paid officers Miss Helen S. Yates Chairman Dec. Les. [Leslie] Moody Dec. G.I. Long Dec. C. K. Green A motion was made by Mr. Wm. Grishom that the church would send 62.50 to Virginia Union. motion was carried. The following arrangement was made concerning Dec. G.I. Long suggestion. On motion by Mr. Wm. Grishom the trustee would gravel the the drive way to the Church. Motion was carried. Second by common consent the selections of two more [deacons?] be added to the board be left in the hands of the deacons. Third and forth was left in the hands of the trustee looking after the rest rooms and housing [illegible] [furnace?] over [hand?]. [Fifth?] A motion was made by

[pg.] 139 Mr. Wm. Grishom the church would buy a new clock. motion was carried. By common consent it was decided that we would collect the money for the fall rally through the [illegible]. After a discussion concerning the church [illegible]. A motion was made by Dec. G.I. Long to pay the bill as it is. There being no further business at this time the meeting was closed with a prayer by the pastor. Rev. W.A. Young-Moderator Susie [P?] Quarles-Clerk