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[pg.] 140 Dec. 8, 1962 The fourth council meeting of the Angel Visit Baptist Church met on the above named date. The meeting was opened with prayer by Dec. Leslie Moody Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. The moderator called for reports. Dec. Paul Tompkins chair of the committee on election of officers for 1963 made the following report. Mrs. Susie Quarles- ch. clerk Mr. Wm. B. Brisham - ch. treas. Miss [Mertine?] Grisham - ch. organist Dec. Arthur Harris banking comm. Mrs. Mary E. Grisham- sexton Committee on officers sal. [salaries] made the following report Pastor Rev. W. A. Young - 720.00 Sexton 90.00 Clerk Mrs. Susie Quarles - 60.00 Organist Miss E.M. Grisham - 72.00 Tres. Dec. Arthur Harris 12.00 On motion by Dec. Leslie Moody the report be accepted motion was carried. The Dec. board made the following report. Oct. 24th 1962 In our Deacons business meeting held on the above named date we have the following names enrolled in our minutes to make a selection of by the church two officers - Mr. Anthony Holmes Mr. James Holmes Mr. Henry Hill Sr. Mrs. James Hill Mr. Carl Boulder Dec. Leslie Moody Chair Dec. G.I. Long sec. [after?] a discussion concurring

[pg.] 141

the deacons report a motion was made by Dec. Leslie Moody the the five named persons or any of the two of the five named persons would be accepted as deacons of the Angel Visit Bapt. Church motion was carried. On motion by Dec. Paul Tompkins to accept the financial report for 1962 made by the clerk. Motion was carried. After a discussion concerning the repair work on the inside of the Church. A motion was made by Mrs. P Smith we would use sheet rock on the sides and fix the [ceiling?] motion was carried by voting 8 for one (1) against. Next we discuss our spring rally. A motion was made by Dec. Arthur Harris we would ask the women 5.00 men 10.00. motion was carried. On motion by Mr. Wm. B. Grisham to collect the money through the aux. motion was carried. A motion was made by Mrs. P. Smith to accept the 5.00 [ad?]. Motion was carried. The meeting was closed with a prayer Rev W. A. Young Moderator Susie C. Quarles