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140 Dec. 8, 1962 The [?] Council meeting of the Angel Visit Baptist Church met on the above named date. The meeting was opened with prayer by [?] Leslie Moody Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. The [?] [?] called for reports. [?] Paul Tompkins on election of officers for 1963 made the follow- ing report. Mrs. Susie [?] - [?] [?] Miss Martina [?] [?] [?] Committe on officers [?] made the following report [Pactor R?] W. A. Young - 720.00 [Supton?] 90.00 [Clock Mrs. Susie ?] - 60.00 [?] - 72.00 [?] 12.00 On motion by [?] Leslie Moody the [report?] be accepted motion was carried. The [?] Board made the following report. Oct. 24th 1962 [?] meeting held on the above named date we have the following names enrolled in our minutes to make a [?] of by the church [?] officers - Mr. Anthony Holmes Mr. James Holmes Mr. Henry Hill Sr. Mrs. James Hill Mr. Carl Boulder [?] Leslie Moody Chair [?] Long [?] [?] a discussion concurring

141 the deacon report A motion was made by [?] Leslie Moody the the [?] named [?] or lay of the [?] of the [?] named persons would be accepted ad deacons of the Angel Visit Baptist Church motion was carried. On Motion by [?] Paul Tompkins to accept the [?] report for 1962 made by the clerk. Motion was carried. After a discussion concuring the repair work on the [?] of the Church. A motion was made by Mrs. P Smith we would use Sheet rack on the Rides and [?] the [?] motion was carried by voting 8 for oue (1) against. [Kept?] our Spring [?] A motion was made by [?] A [?] Harris we would ask the women 5.00 men 10.00 motion was carried. On motion by Mr. [?] B. [?] to [?] the money through the [?] motion was carried. A motion was made by Mrs. P. Smith to accept the 5.00 [?] motion was carried. The meeting was closed with a prayer Rev W. A. Young Moderator [?]