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165 June 1964 the second council meeting of the A angel Visit Baptist Church met on the above named date with the pastor Rev. W.A. Young presiding. the meting was opened with prayer by "[Dic/Dec?]" J.L. Long, minutes if the last meeting were read and adopted. report of trustee on motion by "[Dic/Dec]" J.L. Long that the report would be "[illegible]". next discuss the "[Assoc.?]" by common consent we would give the del. 10.00 "[illegible]" on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" Long we would send one del. with the pastor motion carried. on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" "[Lompkins/Tompkins?]" we would send mr Vern Gresham motion carried. next rally, on motion by mr Vern Gresham we would collect the Monet "[to/for?]" the Aux. we ask men 10.00 ladies 5.00. Report of sick committee "[Dic/Dec?]" P."[Lompkins/Tompkins?]" mrs "[F. Bowlder?]" on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" Long we would except mr A. Harris "[illegible]" ads banking trus. due to "[illegible]" motion carried. "[Dic/Dec]" "[Lompkins/Tompkins?]", "[Dic/Dec]" Moody would be bank "[illegible]" motion carried. by common consent the men club would "[illegible]" the out sick "[illegible]"