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165 June 1964 The Second Council Meeting of the Angel Visit Baptist Church met on the above named date with the pastor Rev. W.A. Young presiding. the meting was opened with prayer by "[Dic/Dec?]" J.L. Long, minutes if the last meeting were read and adopted. report of trustee on motion by "[Dic/Dec]" J.L. Long that the report would be "[illegible]". next discuss the "[Assoc.?]" by common consent we would give the del. 10.00 "[illegible]" on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" Long we would send one del. with the pastor motion carried. on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" "[Lompkins/Tompkins?]" we would send mr Vern Gresham motion carried. next rally, on motion by mr Vern Gresham we would collect the Monet "[to/for?]" the Aux. we ask men 10.00 ladies 5.00. Report of sick committee "[Dic/Dec?]" P."[Lompkins/Tompkins?]" mrs "[F. Bowlder?]" on motion by "[Dic/Dec?]" Long we would except mr A. Harris "[illegible]" ads banking trus. due to "[illegible]" motion carried. "[Dic/Dec]" "[Lompkins/Tompkins?]", "[Dic/Dec]" Moody would be bank "[illegible]" motion carried. by common consent the men club would "[illegible]" the out sick "[illegible]"