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[pg.] 171 Dunnsville, Va. June 25, 1965

The second council meeting prayer by Dec. Long. Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. Trustee report made by Dec. Paul Tompkins concerning the six (6) screen doors. It was motion by Mr. Grishom and second by Mrs. B. Long we would have wood screen doors made for the church. Motion was carried [illegible] the Assoc. It was motion by Dec. Long and second by Mr. V. Grishom we would send Dec. L. Moody as del [delegate] to the Assoc. And give the del 10.00 ea[ch]. Motion was carried. Dec. Paul Tompkins report of the note on the re-decoration the church paid out. The trustee also made concerning building the steps in the front of the church one from Mr. Chandler one from Mr. C. Burton. It was motion by Dec. Paul Tompkins and second by Dec. L. Moody we would accept the price from Mr. Chandler which was 250.00. Time of work month of July. After a discussion concerning the bulliton [bulletin] board. It was motion by Mrs. Mary [I?] Moody & second by Mrs. M.E. Grishom the plans for the bullitton be left to the pastor motion was carried. After a discussion concerning the pastor [vacation?]. It was motion by Mrs. B. Long and second by Mrs. Mary E. Grishom we would give our pastor 100.00 for his [vacation?] motion was carried. It was motion by Mrs. Wm. Grishom and second by Dec. Paul Tompkins we would give the [Penn?] Memorial [illegible]