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[pg.] 200

[at bottom-right of long page] 400 1/2

[on new separate sheet] STANDARD LIME AND CEMENT M Richmond Virginia (Area Code 703) [3?]55-57[5?]5

157.8[8?] 525 11.61 [in right corner] 77.88 38.[23?]

Dec. G.I. Long minutes of last meeting were read and adopted

110.00 [bulletin?] 42.16 in [illegible]

trustee board Dec. Long motion [said?] Dec. Tompkins

It was motion by Long Dec. Tompkins will send one [illegible] [illegbile] we [illegible] [illegible] Grisham and Dec. Long [illegible] [illegible] 10.00

[crossed out: It was motion by Dec. Long]

Capitol Portland Cements / Brick-Lok Masonry Cement / Washington Finish Lime