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[same as page 107]

Common consent By Common Consent Miss [Oleatha] Clark + Mrs. R. Mason

By common consent

it was motion by Mrs R. Mason second by Dec. Paul Tompkins

[we?] [illegible] the trustee to [illegible] the [illegible]

[illegible smudging]

Ozeana, Essex Co., Va. December 9, 1961. Committee on Officers Salaries. H.S. [Bates?] Chariman. Mrs. Nettie Tompkin[s?]. Deacon C.K. Green Deacon Reverend H.A. Young $720.00 Clerk Mrs. Susie C. [illegible] $60.00 sexton Deacon G. [illegible] Bayton. $90.00 organist Miss Mertene Gresham $72.00 Chairman Banking Committee Deacond A.B. Harris $12.00