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This Indenture made on this Fifteenth July One Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Five, between Tarlton Payne of the County of Goochland of the one part and James George of the said County of the other part, witnesseth that for & in consideration the sum of Forty Thousand pounds of neet Inspected crop Tobacco. To be Delivered at Richmond, Manchester, or Petersburg, with Casks & all warehouse Expences paid, which he the said Tarlton Payne is Justly indebted to the said James George, and honestly desires to secure & pay to him, and the For the farther consideration of the sum of Five Shillings like money. To the said Tarlton Payne in hand paid by The said James George at or before the sealing and delivery of this, the reciept whereof he doth hereby acknowledges And thereof, and of every part thereof, doth Exonerate and discharge the said James George his heirs Exr's & Adm'rs he The said Tarlton Payne hath granted, bargained, sold and confirmed, and by these Presents doth grant bargain Sell and confirm to the said James George his heirs and assigns for ever, the following Slaves &c Vizt., Lucy, David, Jane, Peggy, Barnit, Mary Beck, Nancy, George, Beck, Celie, Elisa, Patty, Isbelle & Fortune, also Two Feather Beds & furniture together with all my Household & Kitchen furniture, also one Bay Horse with four white feet about four feet Eight Inches high, One Sorrel Mare & Colt about Five feet high Six years old, One Bay mare about Four feet seven Inches high hipshoten, also One dark bay Horse about four feet Six Inches high with all appertuancees belonging, or in anywise appertaining to the premises hereby Granted or intended to be granted & the reversions & reversions, remainder & remainders, and all services, benefits & profits, of the said goods & Chatels; and premises And all his Rights, Claims, Interest, & securities relating to the same, to have and to hold the said good Chatels and other premises unto the said James George his heirs & assigns for Ever, to the only proper use and behoof of him The said James George his heirs & assigns for [ever], and the said Tarlton Payne doth hereby grant For himself and his heirs that he the said Tarlton Payne & his heirs and every of them shall and will warrant And forever defend the said goods Chatels and other premises and every Part and Article thereof with all and Singular his Rights and appurtenances unto the said James George his heirs and assigns forever against him the said Tarlton Payne & his heirs and every of them and against every person whomsoever, Nevertheless upon trust, The said James George his heirs Ex'rs. Adm'rs or assigns shall after the Twentieth day of August next or as soon as the Said Tarlton Payne his heris Ex'rs adm'rs or assigns shall think proper or the said James George shall request which ever of these two circumstances shall first hapen sell for the best price that can be goten after giving Ten days publick Notice the said Goods Chattels and premises, and out of the money arising from such sale discharge pay and satisfie to William George of the said County the above mention'd sum of Forty Thousand Pounds of like Tobacco with Interest from the date above mentioned untill the same shall be fully discharged, and the Expence attending the drawing & recording this Indenture and the Contingent Charges of the sale as aforesaid and other necessary expences that shall attend the securing and obtaining the above mentioned Tobacco or performing anything that is or shall be necessary Relative to the intent of this Indenture and the said James George his heirs Ex'rs. Adm'rs or assigns shall pay or cause to be paid the overplus if any remain from such sale to the said Tarlton Payne or to his heirs Ex'rs. Adm'rs on his Order in witness whereof the said Tarlton Payne hath hereunto set his hand & Seal on the day & year aBove Written seald & Delivered In presence of Jesse Payne Talley L Payne Agatha Payne The Word that in the Ninth line from the Bottom & arising int he Eighth was interten'd before signed Tarlton Payne {seal}