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In pursuance of a deed of trust executed by Wm. F. Carter to the subscriber as trustee, for the purpose of securing the payment of $1428.42 cents with interest thereon from the 18th day of January 1820 till paid (which debt is due from said Carter as security for Isaac Pleasants & Isaac W. Pleasants to Josiah Samuel) I shall on Saturday the 21st day of July next at Goochland Courthouse proceed to sell to the highest bidder for ready money six negro slaves to wit; Tim, Edmund, Harry, Clifton Billy & Sam or so many of them as may be necessary to raise the above mentioned sum with interest & the costs of executing the trust deed, such tills will be sold in said negroes as is vested in the trustee by said Wm. F. Carter. Wm Miller, Trustee Goochland 18th June 1821.