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To all persons to whom these presents shall or may come, I, James Kennedy junior of the Town of Alexandria within the District of Columbia send Greeting - Whereas I stand justly indebted unto John Laird? of George Town within the District aforesaid in the just sum of Four Thousand dollars to Meloiecus? [illegible] of the City of London in the just sum of Four Thousand Dollars to Gabriel Wood of Baltimore in the just sum of One Thousand Dollars two hundred and fift-dollars, and to Joel and Jonathan Post of the City of New York in the just sum of Five Hundred Dollars: and, whereas I am devious? to rescue? to the said respective persons, the said reversal sums of Money so by and? due and awry? And whereas they have nominated James Saunderson to put? as their Justive for the purposes hereinoften mentioned; Now therefore know Ye that I the said Jamed Kennedy junior, in consideration, and for that purpose, and asked in consideration of One Dollar to me in hand paid by the said James Saunderson, at or before the sealing and delivery hereod, the receipt whereof, I do hereby acknowledge I have granted, bargained?, sold and delivered, as I do by then presents great? Bayou, sell and deliver into the said James Saunderson, the following property to list. One felt of Dimmy Tablis, Five bolts? of tea tables, one sideboard, one liquor bar, ten dozen nives and forks, five dozen windsor chairs, one dozen of mahogany chairs, one dozen of silver spoons, one soup ladle, two sauce spoons, one sugar Tango?, Two pier? glafus?, Two Duphmy? Glafus?, One KEttle?, One mahogany [illegible], one felt of tea china, two mahogany bedsteaks?, four featherbeds with pillows, two common beadsteads, Eight pair of sheets, two pair of audious?, one layer liquor cake?, sic dishes, four dozen of plates green edged, and every [illegible] of Kitehaw furniture of which I am [illegible]. One boud? table, one hundred fifty Grove? of Pheals?, Three hundred [illegible] bottles from [illegible], to two gallons, one book bone?, with the books therein, one bureau, eight dozen of wine glasses? and tumblers, Ten forks of Patwine, twenty dozen of bottled part, two forks of madeira wire, two corks of dibon win, seven punch bowls, one pair of Indian Shades with [illegible] one bra? feuder, one fleet founder?, one from feuder, twelve window curtins, two sets of Bed curtains, two pan of Brago boudb?, Ten water jugs of How Wave, two negroes, named joe and watt, one towel? forty two cows, forty pounds weight of winter? book?, one hundred and fifty pounds of Gum Grogacauth?, one hundred and thirty pounds