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of Rhubarb, three pounds of Essence of Bergamot, Thirty five pounds of green ammon?: one hundred and seventy two pounds of Gum Guacuum?, one hundred and fourteen pounds of fort?: cascuella?, two hundred and twenty six pounds of sweet fennel seed, two hundred pounds of bum?, tart?: one hundred pounds of aloes, twenty five bones of sweet Gel, one hundred gallons of Flaxseed Gel, one grip? of Batemans drops, one grip? of Essence of peppermint, two grips of British oil, dice hall laupe? with frafo furniture, twelve wedgewood motors ith Pentles share? Bell Metal Ditts, fifty one majogany shop drawers, sixty three walnot shop bafus?, forty two shop pine drawers, one base? of lettu? drawers, and one pancheon of Rum; together with all mu right and interest in the sum and every beat? and pound thereof, to hold to the said James Saunders, his heirs, Executors, Administrators, and assigns; But when the special just? and confidence; that if the said James Kennedy junior do not on or before the first day of June next which will be in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and five, [illegible], satisfy and discharge the said several debts so before specified and every part thereof unto the said John Louis Mefocius? Chamberlain and Humphreys, Gabrielwood, and Joel and Jonathan Post, and thereby redeem all the aforesaid property that then, he the said James saunderson, do proceed to sell the sum, in the best manner and most advantageous way for the purpose of satisfying and discharging the said several debts so by me as aforesaid due and owing: and therefore that purpose he the said James Saunderson do proceed to sell and dispair of