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Be it known by the presents that whereas John C Hunter by deed of lease bearing date the seventeenth day of February in the year eighteen hundred did grant to Negro Harry otherwise harry Williams and his present wife during their natural lives a certain lot of ground situated in the town of Alexandria of Beginning on the West end of an alley of lob? numbers seventy four? as in said deed is expired? for a more particular description of which regard being thereto had as entered on record in the court of Fairfax county continued that the said harry should pay to the said hunter the rent of twenty dollar annually of the first day of September in each year during said demise? now therefore the said harry of his wife Nelly for Sunday good causes and considerations but more especially to exonerate themselves from the payment of the aforesaid rent do hereby release recovenvey? and confirm to said hunter his heirs and assigns the aforesaid lot of ground and all singular the premises to have to hold ground and all and singular the premises to have and to hold the same with all their apprentices to him the said John C Hunter his heirs and assigns in as ample a manner as if the aforesaid deed has never been made and the said hunter for himself his heirs of assigns hereby accepts the reconveyance of the aforesaid ground and releases acquits of discharges said harry his heirs and assigns from the payment of any further rent therefore and from all manner of covenants and conditions whatever expressed? on implied in the aforesaid instruments of writing or deed of leases. In witness of which the said parties have hereunto set the hands of seals this twelfth day of march in the year eighteen hundred and six. done in presence of harry Williams nelley Williams