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Whereas by an indenture bearing date the tenth day of May Eighteen hundred and nine, I conveyed in trust to George Young a negro woman slave called Harriet, for the purpose of indemnifying Robert Young and others, who became Security for me in a distress bond for rent & obtained for, and in which deed were sundrie covenants and directions for the said Trustees selling the said Negro, in certain Cases in the said deed mentioned, and which is herein referred to as containing the terms & stipulations of this instrument. And whereas another distress has been made upon me, for fifty three Dollars thirteen cents for rent due, and wishing to give a replenery bond, to which security is necessary and Mr. Robert Young having agreed to, and actually became my security in the said replenery bond, bearing date the [blank] day of [blank] in the present year. Now I the said William Groverman for and in consideration of the premises and the further sum of one Dollar to me in hand paid by George Young the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge, Have granted bargained and sold the said negro woman Harriett, (subject to the other deed of trust) unto the said George Young his executors & administrators forever In Trust that if I the said William Groverman my heirs exr or admrs