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This Indenture made this 22nd day of October in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and twenty five: Between Fanny Thomas of the town of Alexandria and District of Columbia of the one part and Thomas [illegible] of the same town and District of the Other part Whereas the said Fanny Thomas is justly indebted unto Richd [Mallack?] administrator of Washington Boyd deceased, in the sum of Seven Hundred and fifty dollars: and Whereas the said debt is evidence by her note given to a certain John H Runnells for the said sum of seven Hundred and fifty dollars, dated September the 17th 1825. and payable six months thereafter, which said note way endorsed by the said John H Runnells and by him delivered to the said Richard Wallack, And whereas the said Fanny Thomas is desirous of securing the punctual payment of the said note, as well as to indemnify her said endorser against any [illegible] loss Now this Indenture [illegible that the said [illegible] Thomas [illegible] [it?] [illegible] of the [illegible] and of the [dam?] of [the?] dollar to her [illegible] had paid by the [illegible] Thomas [illegible] [illegible] the [illegible] she [here's?] acknowledge has [illegible] [illegible] bargained and [illegible] unto the said Thomas W [illegible], the following slaves [illegible] David a mulatto about [Eighteen?] years of age, Richard a mulatto about four teen years old and [illegible] a mulatto about nine years old, [illegible] [illegible] and [illegible] [illegible] the said [illegible] [to?] him [the?] said Thomas W [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [and?] [illegible] forever. M [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] the [illegible] [illegible] purpose and [illegible] and none other, [quick?] to [illegible] the said [illegible] Thomas, to certain [illegible] of the said [illegible], without amount of [illegible] [illegible] a sale shall become [illegible] under the [farm?] of [their?] Deed: that is to say if the said [illegible] Thomas