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I Mary Ann Wise late of the town of Alexandria, now residing in Prince Georges County Maryland, do hereby authorize Simon Turley to hire or bind out as an apprentice, his son Robert Turley, my Slave until the said Robert shall attain the age of Twenty-one years, the said Simon to receive the hire of the said Robert to his own use, and to indemnify me and save me harmless from all costs and charges for or on account of the said Robert. And I do further hereby emancipate and set free the said Robert Turley on his arrival at the age of twenty one years, that is to say from and after the Eighth day of December in the year 1836 (say (1836) Witness my hand & seal this seventh day of June 1826 Mary A Wiss {seal} Sealed and delivered in presence of Thos Jacobs Thos E Jacobs

Atr Lee will charge the rec'd to R Jamieson

At an United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia continued and held for the County of Alexandria the 18th day of November 1826. This deed from Mary Ann Wise to Simon Turley was proved by the oaths of Thos Jacobs and Thomas E Jacobs to be the act and deed of the said Mary Ann Wise and ordered to be recorded. Test Edm. J. Lee CC