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Schedule of household and Kitchen Furniture One mahogany duck board One Do. Set Dining Tables One Do. Claw Foot Table One Do. Small Table One Do. Stand One [gilt?] frame looking [Glass?] One [illegible] [Glass?] and Table One [top?] [illegible] and Curtains Three Short [Bedsteads?] Four feather Beds Four [hair?] sheets Five [hair?] Blankets Two Carpets One [illegible] Carpet One Plain Carpet Fourteen [Brass?] [illegible] One [illegible] [illegible] One Franklin Stove One [Grate?] and [illegible] [Fender?] Three mahogany [Bureaus?] Four pictures [Gilt?] frames One Do. Black frames One dining set Liverpool China One Tea set China [martha?] C Two [illegible] Chairs one [Marking?] [illegible] Three Calico window curtains Four silver Table spoons Four [Do.?] Salt spoons Twenty Two silver Tea spoons Three sets Shovels and Tongs One cooking Stove and utensils One large [wine?] Table One Cupboard [illegible] Four iron pots Two [harness?] tubs One [brass?] [illegible] [fender?] Four cargo [clean?] [illegible] Two small [illegible] Two [celery?] [glasses?] Three yellow kitchens Two [cargo?] & three small waiters Two [illegible] knives and forks One small writing desk One [illegible] stand [illegible] & [illegible] One hearth rug Two metal teapots