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heirs and assigns, to their only proper use for ever, In trust, however, for the following purposes, and none other: That is to say, to permit the said Horatio R. Marryman [?]- heirs and assigns, to retain possession, and to receive the rents and profits, without account until a sale became necessary under the terms of this Deed, and is [?] said [finally] Mr. Marryman his [?...] then that the said Mr. Neale or his heirs, shall on the request of the said Thomas King proceed to sell the premises before described, at public auction, for cash, [redacted], and after defraying all reasonable expenses and charges attending the sale, shall out of the money thence to arise, pay to me said Maria, [?] of the time and the place of the sale ten days previous notice shall be [?] newspaper, published...

and if any balance remain, shall pay over the same to the said Horatio R. Marryman [?] and shall convey the premises sold to the purchaser or purchasers. Provided always and on this condition, That is the said Horatio R. Marryman his heirs or assigns, shall at any time before sale actually made [?] sum of Eighty-one dollars and sixty seven cents to the said Mr. King [?] and also pay all costs and charges which shall have accrued under this instrument, then this indenture shall become void, and all the estate hereby granted shall cease and determine. And the said Horatio R. Marryman for himself and his heirs, executors and administrators, doth hereby covenant with the said [?] his heirs and assigns, that the said Horatio R. Marryman is at the time of the delivery hereof, seized in possession of a perfect and absolute estate in fee smple, in the premises conveyed, free from condition, charge, right or possibility of dower or other incumbrance and that he and his heirs, will at any time hereafter at the request and cost of the said [deal?] his heirs or assigns, execute and deliver any further reasonable conveyances which may be necessary, more fully to transfer the title to the premises before described, to the said [deal?] his heirs or assigns, according to the true intent and meaning hereof. AND LASTLY, that the said Horatio R. Marryman and his heirs, the said premises before described will warrant and forever defend to the said [?] his heirs and assigns, against the claims and demands of all persons. And the said [?] for himself and his heirs both hereby covenant with the said Horatio R. Marryman and the said [?] and that the said [?] and his heirs will faithfully execute and carry into full effect the several trusts hereby created. In witness whereof, the parties to this indenture have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and year, first before written.