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heirs and assigns, to their only proper use for ever, In trust, however, for the following purposes, and none other: That is to say, to permit the said Horatio R. Marryman [?]- heirs and assigns, to retain possession, and to receive the rents and profits, without account until a sale became necessary under the terms of this Deed, and is [?] said [finally] Mr. Marryman his [?...] then that the said Mr. Neale or his heirs, shall on the request of the said Thomas King proceed to sell the premises before described, at public auction, for cash, [redacted], and after defraying all reasonable expenses and charges attending the sale, shall out of the money thence to arise, pay to me said Maria, [?] of the time and the place of the sale ten days previous notice shall be [?] newspaper, published...

and if any balance remain, shall pay over the same to the said Horatio R. Marryman [?] and shall convey the premises sold to the purchaser or purchasers