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This indenture made this ninth day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty six between Sarah sunt? widow of the late Lena? Sunt, of the city of washingtonof the first part and Lawrence b taylor of the town of Alexandria of the second part witnesses whereas the said party of the first part is indebted to samuel unt of the said Town of Alexandria in the sum of eight hundred and fifteen dollars to bear interest thereon from the 10th day of November 1844 and whereas the said party of the first part is decide? of securing the payment of the said debt and all interest due thereon, to the said samuel sunt his executors administrators and assigns. when thereunto amanda did by a deed of trust in the premises herein after described New this Indenture witnesses that the said party of the first part in consideration of the premises and the sum of one dollar to herein hand haid? of the party of the second part in the height? of which is hereby acknowledged nd hereby grant bargain and sell to the said party of the second part, all her night, title, interest?, and estate (the same being her driver interest estate) in and to the real estate of