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said [illegible] at the end of said ten years, and to their heirs forever, to be equally divided between them. In [illegible] whereof, the said Thomas [Syneh?] hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal, the day and date above written. Signed, sealed & delivered in presence of [illegible] Thomas Lynch (seal) State of Maryland, St. Mary's County, to wit: We and Justices of the peace in the county and state aforesaid, hereby certify, that Thomas Lynch, a party to the deed hereto annexed,bearing date this 1st day of June, 1849, personally appeared before us in our County aforesaid, and acknowledged the same to be his acct (account) and deed and desired us to certify the said acknowledgement to the clerk of the County Court of Alexandria, in the state of Virginia, in order that the said deed may be recorded. Given under our hands and seals this 8th day of June 1849 [illegible] (seal) [illegible] (seal)