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also his Law Library as well, as Miscellaneous Library, and office furniture including all his property both real and personal, In trust for the following purposes to wit, first to secure Geo Hamilton in the sum of two thousand Dollars for borrowed money or to secure said note in whole or in part, to whomsoever it may be assigned with, all the interest due thereupon, to secure Albt. Thomas or Reuben J. Thomas or their assinees the sum of five hundred Dollars due by Note with E. B. Hill as his security. To S. B. Hill the sum of one thousand Dollars five hundred by note bearing date March the 28th, 1855. And five hundred Dollars bearing date with this Indenture also another note to the same for one hundred & sixty sever dollars &52/100, by note bearing date March 23/1855. And an open account for one hundred Dollars to Burdett [Crittenton?] & Co. The sum of thirty Dollars & 70 /100, to Major Henry Hill, the sum of three hundred Dollars due by note to A P Hill the sum of two hundred Dollars or there abouts. To the executor of Capt A P Hill or his assinee, five hundred Dollars. To E B Hill on a note in the farmers Bank at Alexandria as endorsed for about two hundred and fifty Dollars, Secondly: to secure or pay J. M. Stewart of Alexandria the sum of four hundred Dollars, to James Green the sum of two hundred Dollars