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abot seventeen years and Miles? aged about twenty five years to have and to hold the aforesaid slaves in the premises about mentioned and them the said John Langden and Dennis Ramsay their executors administrators and assigns forever provided nevertheless and sort is understood between the parties that the said Negroes are all of them to remain in the possession of the said Baldwin Dade during the pendency? of the aforesaid suit against him and that the said John Langden and Dennis Ramsay... are not to take unto their possession any part of the negroes until the said Thompson [illegible' shall obtain judgement against the said Baldwin Dade in the Alexandria court another and in the case they are to take the said property into possession as their? absolutely said to sell and much thereof as well exonerate them both or either from the claim against Thomas special? bare? aforesaid after which they are to return the surplus o property, either negroes or money to the said Baldwin Dade of his assigns, nothing in the writing as in any manner to be understood to prohibit the said John Langden and Dennis Ramsay... from surrendering the paid Dade to the court or marshal at any time.They shall think proper, in witness either of the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the pay and year first above written. signed sealed and delivered in the presence of James Monroe? John Landten D. Dade Dennis Ramsay