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John Parke Custis died seized in the County of Fairfax and also her Dower in the following Slaves to wit Doll, Phill, Nat, Zachariah, Judah, Ibby, Winney, Will, Doll, Morris, Southy, Joseph, Edmund, Agga, Moll, Pegg, Bell, Jem, David, Mingoe, Con, Ned, Paul, Janey, Fanney, Jenny, Austin, Diana, Janey, Alley, Celia, Hanson, Anna, Paul, Peter, Joe, Molly & her child, Rachael, David, Nanny, Betty, David, Hanson, Molly, Joe, George, Harry, Harry, Amy, Caesar, Randolph, Beck, Julius, Beck, Daniel and Isaac being apart of the Slaves which had been assigned to the said Eleanor as Dower and some of the descendants of the slaves assigned Provided always and it is hereby conditioned covenanted and agreed upon by and between the said parties that David & Danny two of the Slaves hereby relinquished Shall not during the Life of the said Eleanor be removed by the said George Washington Parke Custis to any of his Lands in the Counties of King William New Kent and Northhampton but continued upon the plantation where they now live or upon the Tract of Land lying on four Mile Run belonging to him the said George Washington Parke Custis and that in case the said George Washington Parke Custis shall remove the said David & Nanny to any other of his Lands than those upon Potomack and four Mile Run these presents as to whom shall be of no Effect and it shall be lawfull for him the said David Stuart to repossess the said David & Nanny and retain them