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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, COUNTY OF ALEXANDRIA, Sc. The United States of America, to George Gilpin, Jacob Hoffman and Cuthbert [Torvell?] Gentlemen, of the said county of Alexandria. Greetings: WHEREAS David Stuart and Eleanor his wife, by their certain indenture of Release bearing date the eighteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and two have released unto George Washington Parke Custis the Dower of her the said Eleanor and the Lands of which John Parke Custis died seized lying in the County of Fairfax and which Lands are now comprized within the said county of Alexandria, and whereas the said Eleanor cannot conveniently travel to our circuit court of the district of Columbia for the country of Alexandria, to make acknowledgment of the said conveyance, therefore we do give unto you, or any two or more of you, power to receive the acknowledgment which the said Eleanor shall be willing to make before you of the conveyance aforesaid, contained in the said indenture, which is hereunto annexed, and we do therefore desire you, or any two or more of you, personally to go to the said Eleanor and receive her acknowledgement of the same, and examine her privily and apart from the said David her husband, whether she doth the same freely and voluntarily, without his persuasions and threats? and whether she will be willing the said indenture, together with this commission, shall be recorded in our said court? and when you have received her acknowledgement, and examined her as aforesaid, that you distinctly and openly certify us thereof in our said court, under your hands and seals, sending then there the said indenture, and this writ. Witness, WILLIAM KILTY, chief judge of our said court, this thirteenth day of May one thousand eight hundred and three G. Deneal Cl