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This indenture [illegible] made this eleventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four Between George Noble Tyler and Elizabeth his Wife of the Town and County of Alexandria in the District of Columbia of the first part James Keith of the same Town County and District of the second part and John Janney of the Town County and District aforesaid of the third part. Whereas the said John Janney hath at the special Instance and Request of the said George Noble Tyler endorsed certain Notes drawn by him the said George Noble Tyler negotiable at the Bank of Alexandria and made payable to the said John Janney which Notes so drawn and endorsed are upon the face of each note declared to be for the accommodation of the Drawer and have been by him the said George Noble Tyler negotiated at the said Bank and the money expressed in the said Notes have been by him the said George Noble Lyles drawn out of the said Bank and applied to his own particular [illegible] the said Notes so drawn endorsed and negotiated amounting altogether to the sum of [blank] And whereas the notes by which monies are obtained upon Loan from the said Bank are made payable at a short period when if not investment to the person obtaining the same to make the payment the monies are very generally continued upon Loan by renewing the Note or Notes on every day of payment by giving a new one with the same Indorser for the Sum which by the Tenor of the Note had become payable, which notes so drawn by the said George Noble Lyles and endorsed by the said John Janney and negotiated by the said George Noble Tyler have been from time to time renewed whenever they have become payable and it is proposed by the said George Noble Lyles to continue the renewal of them until convenient for him to pay the money to the Bank or the Directors of the Bank shall demand the payment of them, in which case of renewal the said John Janney proposes to continue to endorse such notes as shall be so renewed by the said George Noble Tyler and the said George Noble Tyler being desirous of securing him the said John Janney from all damage cost and charges which he or they may be liable for or subjected to by reason of this Indorsing the notes which have or may be so drawn and endorsed by him the said George Noble Tyler therefore this Indenture