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Know all men by these presents, that Clever? Moore and Henry Moore of the Town of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, as well for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to them in hand paid by George Washington [Park?] Curstis the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, and thereof do [illegible] and discharge him his heirs, administrators, and assigns; as to save [illegible] and in [illegible] the said George Washington Park Custis, his heirs and administrators, against amendment he hath made of a [N?] for the said [illegible] for two hundred dollars [negotiable?] in the Bank of Alexandria, bearing equal date or any renewal or renewals, of the said [Nole?] in the case the service? should be [illegible] and finally to secure the payment thereof to the Bank whenever the directors? [illegible], the money, and to secure the payment with all the [illegible] to the Bank onto the said George Washington Park Custis of the said two hundred dollars, his executors and administrators they the said Clever? Moore and Henry Moore have granted bargained and sold. and by these presents do grant bargain to sell unto the said George Washington Park Custis his executors and administrators, a negro Woman named Mary about thirty years old, her daughter Sal about thirteen years old, her daughter Jane about seven years and a child called Milly about sixteen months. also all the [illegible] Clever Moore here? which he [illegible]