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This Indenture made this thirtieth day of November in the year eighteen hundred and eight between James Brooks late of the city of Richmond in the state of Virginia, now of the Town of Alexandria in the District of Columbia, inn? Kitchen? of the first part, Colin [Autd?] and John [Hooff?] of the same Town of Alexandria of the second part and Jacob [Jefferson?] , John and Thomas [Nowell?], Hugh Smith, George [Darby?], [illegible] [Prewall?], John [Mancaster?], James H. [illegible], Philip G [illegible], John Ramsay, [Fayon?] [illegible] and company, John Roberts, Truman [illegible], William Newton and Charles Bennett of the Town of Alexandria aforesaid of the third part, [witnesseth?], that whereas the [illegible] persons last above mentioned of the third part, have [illegible] as the [illegible], of the said James [Brooks?] to the [illegible] made of carrying on the business of discount for [illegible] notes negotiable in the said bank [illegible] date the twentieth of Novemeber eighteen hundred and nine and payable fifty four days after date, the aggregate amount whereof is [five?] thousands one hundred and twenty two dollars the [illegible] and manner in which the said notes are informed by the [rural?] [illegible] aforesaid will namefully appear, [illegible] being had to the said notes and the [illegible] indenturements theron as the same and held by the appears of the said