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Bank all which notes have been negotiate and discounted with the said Bank for the accommodation of the said James Brooks, according to the usual course of business in the said Bank; and whereas the said James Brooks is [illegible] of [illegible] and [saving?]. [Larmless?] all his said [indoors?] against all suits, actions, demands, protests, processes and mediations whatsoever, and against all losses, damages, and cast whatsoever, in consequence of their becoming his [indentures?] as aforesaid in consideration whereof and in execution of such his desire and intent, and further, in consideration of one dollar to him the said James Brooks, in hand paid by the said Colin [Auld?] and John [Hooff?] at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Hath granted, bargained, sold, assigned, transferred, and set over and by these presents Doth grant, bargain, sell, assign, transfer, and set over unto the said Colni [Auld?] and John Hooff all and [singular?] the furniture, household goods and other property and [chattle?] of every [illegible] and description, being of the proper [gards?] and chattels and in the possession of the said James Brooks, lying and [illegible] in and about the Inn and premises, thereto apprentaining, called the City [Town?] and Hotel, lately kept and held by William [Catou?], and now kept and held by the said James Brooks in the said Town of Alexandria, and all and singulr the right, title, property, and interest whatsoever of [illegible] the said James Brooks in all and singular the said property,