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goods and chattles (a schedule of the said furniture, household goods, and other property and chattles of the said James Brooks lying and being in and about the said [illegible] and premises aforesaid to marked, and hereunto annexed as part and [hard?] of this indenture). To have and to hold all and singular the aforesaid property, goods and chattels whatover herein before granted, and all and singular the property, right, title, and interest whatsoever of the said James Brooks in the same unto them the said Colin Auld and John Hooff, their executors, administrators, and assigns and unto the [survivor?] of them and unto the executors, administrators, and assigns of such survivor forever. In trust to and for the uses, intents, and purposes following, that is to say, if all or any of the said [promissory?], notes, or of any other note or notes hereafter to be negotiated and discounted in the said bank for the accommodation of the said James Brooks by way of renewing the notes first negotiated as aforesaid or any of there, and of continuing, the said accommodation or of any part thereof to the said James Brooks and not negotiated in the said Bank on any other account whatsoever shall at any time hereafter not the [duly?] paid and taken up by the said James Brooks according to the rules and negotiations of the said bankand the customary mode of doing business in the said Bank