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then and in that case the said Colin Auld and John Hooff or their assigns or the survivor of them, or the assigns of such survivor shall and may sell or cause to be sold either at public auction or in such other way, as to him or them may seem most expedient, the whole of such part as to him or them may seem best of the property, goods, and chattels herein before mentioned and granted, and for the better Execution of such sale and of the Trusts and powers herein granted and declared, shall and may take into their possession and by all manner of lawful ways and means recover and obtain the possession of the said property, goods, and chattels and out of the proceeds from the sale of the same or any part of the same, first paying and discharging the necessary costs and charges attending such sale or sales and the execution of all or any of the Trusts and powers herein granted and declared shall pay and satisfy all and every sum or sums of money due upon any such note or notes either as principal money, Interest, Costs and Charges and pay and indemnify unto the Indorser or Indorsers, respectively of any such note or notes, his or their Executors, Administrators or assigns, all and every sum and sums of money, Costs, charges, and damage whatever which any such Indorser or Indorsers his or their Executors, or Administrators may have paid or suffered or become subject and liable to pay and suffer by reason of indorsing any such