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Know all men by these presents that I, Henry Brent of Fairfax County in consideration of the sum of three hundred & fifty dollars to me in hand paid by Ephraim Evans of the Town of Alexandira have sold & conveyed & by these presents do sell and convey to the said Ephraim Evans, his heirs and assigns, a negro slave named Michael, which said Negro Michael to the said Ephraim Evans, his heird and assigns, I do for myself my heirs Executors & Administrators hereby agree to warrant and defend against the claim and demand of all persons whatsoever & the said Ephraim Evans does hereby bind himself his heirs executors administrators and assigns to liverate, emancipate & set free the said Negro man slave named Michael from the service of all & every person whatsoever after the term of ten year from the first day of January next 1811 _ In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hand & seals this 18th day of December 1810 _ Witness Daniel P. Porter Henry Brent seal Ephraim Evans seal