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To all persons to whom these presents shall come I Henry Hiort of Alexandria in the District of Columbia send greetings. Whereas, I stand largely indebted unto William Hodgson of the same place; and in case of my death, or otherwise failing to discharge the same, I am desirous to secure payment and satisfaction of the same to the said William Hodgson; I do therefore by these presents Bargain, sell, assign, Transfer and set over unto the said William Hodgson, his heirs, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, all my personal Estate of whatever nature or description, particularly, my Library of Books, Household furniture, plate Linnen, & China, and also the following Slaves, to wit, Doll, Katy, George, and Aggy, To Hold to the said William Hodgson, his heirs and assigns for ever: that is to say, that, in case of my death, without satisfying & fully discharging the said debt, or in case I should fail to discharge the same, within such reasonable time, as either the situation of the said William Hodgson will admit, or his forbearance allow, that then He the said William Hodgson may expose to public sale, all or any part of the said property as shall be needful and requisite to satisfy and pay what I may be indebted unto him; but in case, and I trust I shall