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the said Thomas Moore, his Executors and administrators forever, In Trust, to and for the following use intent and purpose; that Is to say, in case the Condition of the above mentioned bond, shall not be complied with and a fee simple conveyance made to the said John C Powell by the said Alexander Moore, at the time and in the manner, in the said condition expressed, at the request and upon the application of the said Cleon Moore John D Simms, John Hopkins, and James C West, their heirs Executors or administrators, to sell the said slaves Lewis and Betsy with her future increase, and all the other personal estate, goods, chattels, household and kitchen furniture in the said annexed schedule contained, at public auction to the highest bidder, after having advertised the sake thereof in some newspaper in the Town of Alexandria; for the space of ten days next preceding the sale thereof, and to apply the money arising from such sale to the satisfaction and payment of all such sums of money, losses, damages, costs and changes as the said Cleon Moore, John D Simms, John Hopkins and James C West their heirs Executors or administrators, may be liable for or subjected to by the nonperformance of the condition of the said bond, as aforesaid. And the said Thomas Moore for himself, his heirs, Executors and administrators, doth covenant and grant, to and with the said Alexander Moore, Cleon Moore, John D. Simms, John Hopkins, and James C West, their heirs Executors and administrators, that the Trust and confidence hereby reposed in him, he will well and faithfully execute and perform. In Testimony whereof the said Alexander Moore and Thomas Moore have hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and year just herein written. Alex'r Moore {Seal} Thomas Moore {Seal} Sealed and delivered in presence of }