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Know all men by these presents that I William Sanford of the City of Alexandria in the District of Columbia in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to me in hand paid by William Gilham of Alexandria in the same District have granted bargained and sold and do by these presents grant bargain & sell unto the said William Gilham a Negroe man named Hanson formerly the property of Doctor Peter Wise deceased, To hold the said negroe to the said William Gilham and his assigns for and during the term of ten years from the fifth day of November in the year 1808 after which time the said Negroe man is hereby emancipated and set free. And I do hereby for myself my heirs executors and administrators covenant and agree with the said William Gilham and his assigns that I am now legally entitled to the services of the said Negroe man during the term aforesaid either in the County of Alexandria or in the County of Washington and that no act has been done by me or any other person by which the right to the services of the said Negroe has been or shall be forfeit or by which he shall be entitled to his discharge at any earlier period. And that I will warrant and defend the title of ex 30th Day William Sandford to William Gilham Bill of sale for Negro Hanson & Bond of Warranty November Term 1821 Recorded Liber L No Folio 330 Examined