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persons whatever, and against all forfeitures thereof which has arisen or may hereafter arise from any Act by any person heretofore done or suffered. And also against any forfeiture which may arise from the removal of the said slave by the said William Gilham from the said County of Washington to the said County of Alexandria, during the said term of ten years, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force Wm Sanford {Seal} Thomas Sanford {Seal} Sealed and delivered in the presence of - the word "assigns" being first interlined - Adam Lynn Rich'd Walsh J.T. Ramsay For and in Consideration of the Sum of two Hundred dollars to me in hand paid by Mr Wm Harper, The Recpt whereof I hereby acknowledge I hereby assign unto the said Wm Harper all my right Title, Interest and Claim to the foregoing Bond Witness my hand this 9th day of July 1819 Wm Gilham Test Aaron Mewes Jun'r At an United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia continued and held for the County of Alexandria the 15th day of January 1821. This Bill of Sale from Wm Sandford to William Gilham was proved by the Oaths of Adam Lynn and Jesse T Ramsay to be the act and Deed of the said William Sandford which together with a Bond and an assignment thereon endorsed is ordered to be recorded. Teste Edmund J Lee CC x'd 30 day Wm Sanford to Wm Gilham bill of Sale for Negroe Hanson. and Bond of Warranty November Term 1820