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Sold, and then the proceeds applied to and for their use and benefit, in Order therefore the more effectively to accomplish and secure that object, and the further object of Receiving the money actively used for their benefit, I do hereby appoint Rich'd. L. Galloway father of the said donees, their Trustee and agent, with full powers hereby vested in him to take possession of the said Slave, and to Sell him for the best price he can obtain for him and to make a good and sufficient Bill of Sale to the purchaser: and to give acquittances and discharges for the purchase Money on Receipt thereof: and as Trustee and agent for his said Children, to take and hold the said Money on Interest for the benefit of his said Children: or as agent and Trustee for his said Children, to put out the said Money to interest; or to trade and deal with the same for their Interest and benefit: and as Trustee and agent for his said Children in such manner as to him shall seem most for their benefit, and account to and with them for the said Money and Interest thereon, at such time and times, as they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years: and in case any one or more of them shall die before attaining that age, then the