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survivors are to have the same equally divided among them, and the share of each to be paid to him or her on his or her attaining the age of twenty one years: Provided always that the said Richard L. Galloway shall not [illegible] the said Money, or any of its proceeds, otherwise than as Trustee & Agent as aforesaid. And the said Richard L. Galloway, doth hereby Covenant & agree to & with the said Margaret Galloway that he will well and truly Execute the said Trust: and he doth Covenant in like manner, with the said Donees and each of them: and that he will well and truly pay to them & each of them the said Money and Interest that is to say to each one his, or her respective share thereof, when he or she shall attain the age of twenty one years. In Witness whereof the said Margaret Galloway and Richard L. Galloway have hereunto severally set their hands and Seals this 26th day of July 1823 Margaret Galloway {Seal} Rich L Galloway {Seal}